Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh NO!

I had written this cute little blog and its gone! I deleted it somehow while going to edit it! AHHHHHHH! Well that’s a bummer!!! I'll give a fast overview.

Adam, Britnee and I are sick with bronchitious. (Not sure if that’s how to spell it) so we are down. Fun stuff! Adam and I went on a date, and with LOTS of things standing in the way to try and stop us... we ended up in the movie theater watching The Dark Night. (Batman) It was great! I Loved Heath Ledger as The Joker. Creepy, Eire... Just GREAT! I could have nightmares of the guy. Above all I loved being on a date with Adam. I love holding his hand, cuddling in the movie theater; having time to just be husband and wife... it was a treat. I LOVE being married. It's so fulfilling to me. I wouldn’t want anything other then it.

Also I talked about this cute movie, License to Wed. Its adorable... Iv watched it a few times while being sick. I think everyone should watch it! Its hilarious.

And Happy Birthday (yesterday!) To my brother Jonathan. 22! Your getting old you geezer!

Hugs you all I love ya! Sorry my cute, creative, long blog got deleted. Hope your having a great day! Thanks for the comments.


Austin said...

sorry we missed out on the cute blog entry, but this one is very cute too! :) i love dates with my sweetie too, and the dark knight was fantastic!

happy birthday jonathan, yesterday was my brother alex's birthday too! i forgot they had the same birthday.

Austin said...

You've been TAGGED! Mwahahaha! See my blog for details.