Thursday, September 18, 2008

New and could use some help. :o)

After a long time going back and forth I decided to start this blogging thing. Of course, the first thing I wanted to do was make my page all cute and "me." However, I am so completely lost. I googled and everything! (yes, I’m proud lol) I even found some cute templates (page layouts), but I can't for the life of me figure out how to put them onto my blogg. Any ideas?? I also need to figure out how to add family and friends who are more ahead of times then me and have bloggs up and going for some time now. Oh and I can't figured out how to look up old friends that could be blogging. I hope someone out there knows what they’re doing and can help me out. :o)

Well everything is good over here. Britnee is doing very good with potty training and im so looking forward to no more diaper changing! (At least until the next child.... ugh) She's caught on to this potty training stuff faster than me, which is so weird. I feel so lost lol. With something that should be so easy even! I guess it's just more proof that children teach their parents so much.

Adam has been working very long hours at work lately. I really miss seeing him and it's hard to be here alone. I feel trapped here without a car, but if I want to use our car for the day it would mean me getting up most of the time before 4am to drive him to work. That's not going to happen anytime soon! I can tell you that much. :o) Most of the time I’m just to sore to go out and do anything anyways so I guess it all is okay in the end. Maybe blogging will help take away some of the boredom.

Here are some updates of my family:

My younger sister, Sara, last Friday gave birth to a beyond beautiful baby girl. Her and her husband, J.T, named the beautiful angel Shayla Nola Parker. I'll post pics here as soon as I figure out how to. Shayla is a fighter and so healthy. I’m a auntie again! Woohoo!! I just love it.

My brother Jonathan is in college now. It's so weird to have a brother in college! I mean he's old enough but I could never picture my brothers being in college. It is the weirdest thing. Jon is doing really good in his classes, getting A's all over the place. I can't wait for him to serve his service mission. I always couldn't wait for his mission. It will be fun.

My youngest brother, Jared, is working in the same area as my dad with the parks in Salt Lake City. It is so bad that I don't know there exact job titles! I'll have to update this when I get them. I’m a horrible daughter huh? But they both seem to be doing very well. With my dad it is just so nice that he has a mostly sit down job now. He really earned it threw out the years in every way. He makes me proud that he's finally at a job that he enjoys.

My mom finished teaching (for now...who knows what the future will hold!) the "AB? Cluster" children months ago. It was a job she loved but she's ready to rest... after all of us kids and what she's had to go through with all of our craziness and drama she finally gets to rest. I enjoy being able to see her and talk to her whenever... it's an awesome feeling to be able to call your mom a best friend. She really is.

I really don’t know how to write blogs and my spelling and punctuation is horrible! Sorry for all of that. Hopefully I’ll learn throughout all of this. Hugs to you all!

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The Halls said...

Hey..I can help you!I added you to my instant messenger. So next time we're both on line...I'll help you out!