Friday, September 19, 2008

How to do Toddlers hair. (girl)

When I was in the hospital for Shayla's birth (my sister’s first child with her husband J.T) one of the nurses commented on how cute Britnee's hair was. She even brought up the idea to share how to do little girl's hair, because when her girls were growing up she always wanted to do their hair but had a hard time finding anything that gave advice on how to do it. It inspired me. I LOVE doing hair! I always have.. even as I was growing up in Las Vegas I would try and do my hair different every day. Now that I have an adorable little girl I have been doing her hair for years. It's just to much fun! So I was wondering what you all think. Would it be a good idea to start a blog with toddler hair styles and how to's? (With pictures and maybe eventually YouTube?) It would be nice to get another opinion.
I'll try and post some pics (they wer'nt the best because I wasn't meaning to get her hair in the picture lol) from the hospital. I somehow don't have the pics from the 2nd day of visiting the hospital when the nurse talked to me about Britnee's hair, but i'll get them from my dad if I can. :o)

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lynette said...

hey! it's so great that you've started a blog!
i'd love some more ideas for girl's hair. i feel like i've run out of creativity in that area. plus, i've never mastered the french braid technique!